Moonshine Grille blends old southern traditions with new.

Maggie Valley, NC – Over the winter, Eric Freyisen decided that it was time for a change in the Grizzly Grill, a cozy restaurant tucked into the Smoky Falls Lodge in Maggie Valley. The only question was what was to change. The answer ended up being everything. First challenge was the name and the theme of the restaurant. Looking at tapping into the rich Southern Appalachian history of the area, the concept of the Moonshine Grille was born. “Gathering decorations for the restaurant has been challenging and is still an ongoing project.” Says Eric. “Finding authentic moonshine making equipment is not easy. Most illegal still that are discovered are destroyed, but a few parts and pieces remain. There is a whole culture of moonshine in the south, and when you can get people talking about it, it’s a long conversation.”
With commercially available moonshine on hand, chef Gary Miller, started working on recipes that would make the food at the grill just as special as the atmosphere. A special made wood-fired grill for cooking hand cut Angus steaks was installed, fresh seafood dishes were created, and the desserts are highlighted by their signature Moonshine Cherry Crème Brulee. Dishes like White Lightning Pasta, Maryland Crab Cakes, and Grilled Chicken Piccatta make the dining experience a unique one in the area.

You will enjoy the history lesson on the making of white lighten’ with legends of the local folk like Popcorn Sutton who was known for his excellent shine and “Appalachian Headache Pills” (soaked cherries). You’ll see how running shine turned into a national pastime that’s still enjoyed today.

The Moonshine Grille is open from 4:30PM until 9PM, Wednesday through Sunday. They can be reached at 828-926-7440 or online at