Moonshine - A Brief History

moonshine stillThe making of moonshine gets its name from the fact that most stills were operated at night. In order to escape notice from the federal government revenuers, moonshine was distilled and distributed at night. Moonshine had its heyday in the United States during Prohibition when the manufacture, transport, sale, import and export of alcohol was illegal.

During Prohibition and the Great Depression making moonshine was a profitable profession. Although mostly confined to the mountainous regions of Appalachia and the Ozarks, many city residents and gangsters added to their income by making mash or bathtub gin, both forms of moonshine.

The hill country of Appalachia has historically produced the most moonshine. A single still could produce approximately 1000 gallons a week running at full production. Moonshine operations are still a problem in many areas of North Carolina, Georgia and East Tennessee where the tradition of moonshining is handed down through the generations.

After looking at the wood-fired traditions of the south, the Moonshine Grille was born. The Applichian people depended on wood to prepare their food as well as distill their liqour. We have taken the traditions of the past and added some modern twists to prepare our meals on a wood-fired grill. The Grill's goal is to meld the old and the new and create a unique dining experience that you will remember for a long time to come. We like to think of it a as a legend in the making. Enjoy!

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